DVD-Rom ( Video) - 原價HK$240 必須與package D 同時落單方可以優惠價 HK$80購得 (優惠二)

畢業生已購買 Package D,可用優惠價HK$80購買。

Discount will be offered with any purchase of Package D for HK$80 only.
The entire ceremony will be recorded and edited by DV professional.

Cash or Cheque only.


精華(典禮儀式、校長演詞 etc……)

The flow of DVD Rom will be as follow: Capture the opening of the ceremony until chancellor finished his speech.

畢業生6至9  畢業生10(即訂購者)
Graduate Student 6 to 9 Featuring graduate's (the purchaser) name with the faculty on the DVD.
We will modify the process of receiving parchment , the purchaser and 8 other graduates would be included.
Graduate Student 11 to 14

拍攝 典禮後半段過程(完結)
精華(嘉賓演詞、鳴謝 etc……)
Capture the closing of the ceremony and all the guest speakers finished their speeches.
DVD片長:約30分鐘至 60分鐘(長短需視乎情況而定)。
The length of the DVD would be around 30 to 60 mins(Depends on the Ceremony).