使用條款 Terms & Conditions :

• 此表格只適用於畢業典禮當天(日期刊於表格上)。
Order form will be effective only on the graduation ceremony ( see effective date on the order form ).

• 如顧客取消服務,已支付之訂金恕不退回。
Deposit will not be refunded if customer makes a cancellation.

• 所有已付款貨品概不退回現金。
There will be no refunds for all orders.

• 所有付款之貨品,需於指定日期內提取(日期刊於收據上)。
All products shall be collected by customer on the exact date printed on the receipt.

• 可委託他人代為提取貨品(需出示單據正本)。
Customer may ask a representative to collect product ( please bring along the original receipt ).

• 如於指定日期內未能到本公司提取貨品,本公司將收取( HK$ 100 )之速遞費。未能於指定日期內提取貨品(本公司只保存30天)。
If Customer does not collect the product on time, the company will charge ( HK$ 100 ) as the courier fee. Products will be kept for 30 days only.

• 速遞範圍只限香港工商業區(不包括住宅),如個別工商業區情況特殊,需另收附加費,本公司將致電通知(附加費以速遞公司作準)。
Courier service is only available to Hong Kong Commerical districts ( do not include residential area ), there will be an extra courier charge for exceptional case, the company will inform customer by phone call in advance.

• 相片修飾以本公司之決策為準,如顧客有任何特殊之附加要求,需額外收費(價格另議)。
Photo re-touching is subject to Cover Production Ltd., any request made by customer will be charge for extra service fee ( negotiable ).

• 本公司擁有選相決定權,如顧客對本公司之決定有任何異議,可再作選擇,但需加收該服務之30%金額為製作費。
Standard of Photo selection is subject to Cover Production Ltd, any request made by customer will be charge for extra service fee, which will be 30% of the package price.

• 凡於取貨日期後30天,補購任何貨品(包括相片、DVD(Video)或Photo CD(相片檔案)),需加$300手續費。
Any order made 30 days after pick up date and/or re-order any products, including photos, DVD [video] or photo CD [digital files of any photos], will be subject to $300 service charge.

• 價格如有任何更改恕不另行通知。
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

• 以上條款以中文版本為準。
Should there be any discreoancy between English version and Chinese version of there Terms & Conditions, the Chinese version shall apply & prevail.

• 如有任何爭議 Cover Photography 保留修改任何條款之最終權利。
In the event of any dispute, the decision of Cover Photography reserves the right of final arbitrations.